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IMG_Yana_webHello and thank you for stopping by!

I am Yana and I am an owner and the photographer at “M.Y. Wedding Photography”.

I’m married to my amazing husband, Max who is working with me in this business. We have a little girl and we live in London. I love to travel and explore new places. I’ve been passionate about photography for as long as I can remember myself. When I was a young child I started to learn film photography with my first lomo camera. Thanks to my husband I don’t have to be a business person and an artist person at the same time. He is managing the business for me. Each of us is a professional in it’s own field.

I shoot a lot of weddings. Through many years being a Wedding Photographer I developed my own style, which is a mixture of documentary wedding photography with traditional and contemporary style. I pride myself on balancing the formal shots with capturing the candid atmosphere of your day. But what really excites me are the clients that come to the table with their own great ideas and then working together to turn these ideas into a reality. That always creates photographs that everyone loves!

I work very professionally and discretely on the day. I’m definitely not a bossy photographer, but can usually get the groups together without having to raise my voice.

Usually during the day we will find time to go to some nice beautiful location and take the opportunity to have a quiet moment together, probably your first minutes alone as a married couple. I’ll photograph you together, not stiff and formal, but relaxed and spontaneous – you’ll be chatting and laughing together.

I take an unlimited amount of photos and I work with you and your guests in an unobtrusive way capturing events as they happen so the true atmosphere of your special day can be re-created whenever you wish! I love all the romance and sense of occasion at Weddings and I am passionate about Photography so I put the two together and provide a quality and professional service at an affordable price.

I prefer shooting with all natural light wherever possible as it preserves the natural dimensions of a moment in an image. I never use flash photography during the ceremony, as this can detract from the moment. In fact, during the day I will only use it when the lighting can be too difficult.

The images I will produce will be carefully crafted by myself both on the day and in the processing procedures that follow.

This is what I do and I love it!

Don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your Beautiful Big day. I love talking weddings.




IMG_Max_webHi, I am Max and I am a business manager and art director of “M.Y. Wedding Photography”.

Here’s a little about me and about our family photography business.

I am a Dad to wonderful daughter and husband to my beautiful wife Yana (my world is very pink & fluffy!!)

My main job in the firm is to keep the business running. I concentrate on meeting clients, discussing their needs, tailoring prices and packages to suit every taste and pocket and most important let Yana concentrate on crafting the best photographs from your wedding without any external disruptions.

During many years in the Wedding Photography business I also took some additional responsibilities and tasks like artistic design of the Wedding Albums and slideshows. Once your photographs are ready, I make sure you receive your package beautifully designed. I will create the slide show for you, create your blog, personalize your DVDs and will design your beautiful Wedding Album.

Being a photography family business, we have complete control over the quality of our service and the standard of photography you will receive. We offer a choice of several photography packages to suit all pockets but I am totally flexible in my approach so if there is something unique to your Wedding that isn’t covered by these then I will be happy to tailor a photography package especially for you.

I love my job. I get to meet interesting people, go to wonderful wedding venues and produce beautiful wedding albums that our couples enjoy for years and years.

I want to make sure that any question you might have and any guidance you might need to make you Wedding absolutely beautiful, I will be there to answer. I also connect with other businesses and in case you would like reference to other wedding suppliers, I will be working hard to recommend you only the ones from top of the industry.

Thank you again for stopping by and hope to see you among our clients soon!

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your Beautiful Big day any time.




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